• How to comply with new and different building standard requirements?

    December 17, 2018

    ABRACADABRA H2020 project has developed a technical toolkit to support key financial actors, decision-makers and social stakeholders in the construction sector

    Do you know that only about 1,2% of Europe’s existing buildings are renovated every year?

    This is mainly due to very long pay-back times of retrofitting interventions, a lack...Read more

  • European Energy Service Award 2019: Submit your sustainable energy project!

    December 12, 2018

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    You are an innovative and highly qualified energy service provider or promoter? You have implemented a successful and pioneering sustainable energy project? Then apply to the...Read more

  • 2018 at a glance: Key facts and figures of the Covenant of Mayors in Europe

    December 7, 2018

    December is the perfect time for taking stock of what happened during the year.

    In Europe, the Covenant of Mayors community has carried on their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, increace local resilience and provide access to sustainable, secure and affordable energy to all.

    What have they been doing? What are the results so far? We...Read more

  • EIB-Belfius partnership to promote Smart Cities development in Belgium

    December 6, 2018

    Since the beginning of the partnership between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Belfius to promote the development of “Smart Cities” in Belgium, over EUR 1bn in investment in no less than 121 projects has already been financed on favourable terms by the two institutions.

    Belfius and the EIB announced a new agreement to provide...Read more

  • Regeneration model for accelerating the smart urban transformation

    December 5, 2018

    Energy, transport and information and communication technologies (ICT) are key to achieve economical and societal benefits and improve citizens' quality of life. They also represent most of the interrelations between people and technology.

    A big challenge to offer new interdisciplinary opportunities to make cities smarter is already...Read more

  • COP24: The EU brings in a bold 2050 climate neutrality vision

    December 4, 2018

    Only a few days after adopting a bold climate neutrality vision for 2050, EU leaders arrived in Katowice with a clear objective for COP24: the adoption of clear rules to implement the

    In “A Clean Planet for All”, the European Commission’s aims to make the EU compatible with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and to...Read more

  • New guidebook for Covenant signatories: How to develop your 2030 Action Plans

    December 4, 2018

    A new guidebook on "How to develop a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)" has just been released by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre.

    Now aligned with the 2030 Covenant of Mayors target, the guidebook has been enriched with information on climate change adaptation, which is one of the three pillars of the...Read more

  • The Buildings Policy Innovation Exchange Project

    November 29, 2018

    The building sector causes the highest share of CO2 emissions in Europe (36%) and consumes most of its final energy (40%). The cost-effective potential of the sector to move to a zero-emission building stock by 2050 is proven, but the implementation of policies and programmes which would transform the sector is slow. Even if the...Read more

  • The Covenant of Mayors and the Province of Barcelona. 10 years fighting climate change

    November 27, 2018

    Barcelona Province (Catalonia, Spain) joined the Covenant of Mayors 10 years ago, as one of the first Covenant Coordinators. A specific campaign has been launched to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Covenant.

    On 2 October, Barcelona Province launched the communication campaign “10 years of the Covenant of Mayors in the Province...Read more

  • EU Green Capital Cities call for creating green movements worldwide

    November 23, 2018

    Today, 23 November, 17 cities and 4 partners from the European Capital Network signed a Call for Action in the current Green Capital, Nijmegen.

    green cap call for action termont

    Daniel Termont, Mayor of Ghent and member of the Covenant of Mayors Board, signing the Call for Action this morning in Nijmegen - photo by Marscha van Druuten  

    The Call for Action is a...Read more

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