• 14 Jun 2018

    PUBLENEF workshop: Providing local authorities with means to lead the energy transition

    C4EForum, Warsaw-Serock
    Organiser: Others

    Taking place at the C4E Forum in Warsaw on the 14th of June, 11:00 - 12:30

    Local authorities, as local consumers and producers (‘prosumers’) of energy, as local policy makers and being closest to their citizens are (should be) in the position to lead the local sustainable energy transition. Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of sustainable energy policies.

    This session will aim at taking account of local authorities’ leading role; means and needs of local authorities in energy efficiency, with special regard to buildings and renovation policies. Placed in a Central and Eastern European regional context, the multi-stakeholder speakers represent multiple levels of governance and along with the audience they shall be invited to share their views and experience on the subject matter.

    Organiser of the session: Energy Cities – in the framework of the EU Horizon 2020 PUBLENEF project


    Mr Leszek Drogosz, Infrastructure Department, City of Warsaw, Poland

    Ms Anna Jaskula, Polish Network of Energy Cities, Poland

    Ms Zsuzsanna Koritar, Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI), Hungary

    Mr Jiri Karasek, SEVEN, Czech Republic

    Registration (includes a fee)